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  Meet Nancy

Owner + Lead Event Coordinator

Growing up in a haitian home, there were three professions your parents desire for you to pursue. That was either doctor, lawyer or pastor (lol). High school is where my passion for the event planning industry begun. I've always volunteered to be a part of committees for organizing programs such as pep rally's, yearbook club and talent shows etc. In 2008, that passion followed me into my early adulthood after joining the military. In 2011, I was blessed with the lead position of the Army Family Readiness Organization. I had the pleasure of contributing my skills to variety of events from holiday parties, fundraising events and award ceremonies for my fellow service members and their families.



…say YES to the bliss!!


… my goal is exceeding your expectations!


I graduated from Clayton State University with a business administration degree, with a concentration in hospitality management. I've also earned my certification as an event planner. I used my education to start my business and I am so blessed to have found my purpose for my passion. I'm honored for each client that entrust Bliss by Nancy, to turn their vision into an unforgettable reality. I ensure that each event is unique and results in being what my clients dream of. For I find amazing satisfaction in exceeding expectations. I look forward to blissing your event.

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